Serclet gives a masterclass at Kairos music school in Vigo

Els dies 5 i 6 d’abril vam ser a l’escola de música Kairos de Vigo impartint una masterclass adreçada a docents de l’àmbit de la música.
Gràcies a l’hospitalitat i emprenedoria de Tania Justo, vam poder gaudir de les instal·lacions de la seva escola de música i de la seva ajuda en l’organització de l’esdeveniment.

The training was focused on the Proportioned rhythm board, the Figures and Wooden Strips of two durations and the Notebook for this material. It is a manipulative material of Montessori inspiration aimed for children between 4 and 8 years old.

The experience was extraordinary from a personal and professional point of view. We knew first-hand the concerns of teachers eager for educational innovation from their area of ​​knowledge. We exchange points of view and work experiences in a music classroom.

It was very enriching to share physical space at a time of the COVID19 pandemic, in which practically all the formations are in streaming.

Thank you very much for your interest and motivation for music education.