Serclet at Spielwarenmesse 2020

"I think play is the most serious thing in the world”. Jacques Costeau. Nürnberg, Spielwarenmesse, Trend Gallery 2020.

Beside this truth we stayed during the five days that lasted the most important world-wide toy fair.

The experience was pretty enriching for us, good decision; toys of all measures, colours, materials and genders filled kilometres of stands inside enormous pavilions; in a city of small dimensions, Nürnberg, situated in the heart of the German state of Baviera.

Our day by day passes in Menorca, a small island in the western Mediterranean, where the calm, the nature and the sea are our daily landscape. In the Menorcan context, our experience in the Spielwarenmesse was a beautiful break, an oneiric stop. The fair was a meeting of cultures, creativity and innovation.

Loaded up with cases and lots of illusion, we assembled our ICEX co-stand «New toys from Spain» wishing that the hundreds of visitors that went through there, stopped to know our materials. The reality did not disappoint us; traders and retailers gladdened us with their presence, looking and admiring, asking and touching the exposed materials.

The good musician knows it: music is a game; it is the most serious thing in the world. In serclet , we want children of the world play with music.

Thank you very much to all of visitors we had.