Serclet in CAIEV educational materials conference

Last november 17th we started as a exhibitors in CAIEV educational materials conference in Barcelona.

What a dream to be showing our music learning didactic materials sharing space with brands as “Jugar i Jugar”, “Trigonos”, “Demundus”, “Opitec”,… people who make things we love. So, concerning music, we could not miss the chance to get to a school that is named Lluís Millet, the eminent catalan musician; good starting prediction. The school is located in Santa Coloma de Gramanet and it seemed to be a friendly place that exuded vitality, perfect to host an event like this one.

Hundreds of people coming from the educational world, walked the corridors and classrooms plenty of toys, books and other materials destinated to make more pleasant the kid’s learning. In fact, the participants could take part of the diferent workshops ruled by CAIEV: literary skills, mathematics, tales,…

If we had to write a slogan for the materials showed in the conference we’d choose a Benjamin Franklin quote: “Say it to me and I will forget it; teach me and I will remember it; involve me and I will learn it”.