Compartment tray with dynamics

Solid beech tray with 7 compartments of different sizes where the different indications of dynamics are located: Piano; Mezzopiano; Pianissimo; Forte; Mezzoforte; Fortissimo and intensity regulators. The dynamics are also made of solid beech.

It is a product for working with the intensity of sound and associating it with images of nature and later with various sounds, which can be exercised with different instruments, with the voice, with sound objects ...

The sizes of the compartments are large enough so that more than one piece of each dynamic can be inserted and thus be able to work in small groups.

It is a manipulative material to accompany children in the work of one of the qualities of sound, intensity. This creates a situation of attentive listening and silence.

Tray dimensions: 22cm x 22cm x 3cm. From 4 years old.


59,95 IVA Inc.

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