Who we are

We areÀngels and Víctor, the serclet’s brand creators.
Talking about me, Àngels, my personal experience through my childhood and the personal accompaniment with kids who enjoy music, have been the engine that boosted the materials that we offer you.

My starting point with children is the song. Kids who live in an atmosphere where music is around, they sing while playing and inventing melodies. And the song is a synthesis of all the elements that make up the musical language: rhythm, melody and harmony. Children who want to learn more about these elements often find themselves struggling with concepts that are difficult for them. Music is fluent into them but they bump against abstract questions that hinder their learning.

Based on this analysis, and with a clear Montessorian inspiration, I offer resources and materials of my own creation that will help facilitate the acquisition of the skills that will be necessary for a deep musical experience which will be essential for reading, writing, interpreting, improvising and musical creation.

Víctor is trained in business administration and rules all the entire bureaucratic part of the project. He validates from a more pragmatic perspective the viability of the project as a whole.

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