On July 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 we had the great pleasure of giving our first training to three future projects Ambassadors de SERCLET. In the previous months we have been carefully analyzing and studying the candidacies that we received, to determine which were the projects and the people who breathed like us and who could suppose a mutual enrichment.

The chosen ones were, project created by Silvia Galán;, and Begonya Terrón; and Isabel Barberis with an imminent music education project in La Palma.

We were developing the sessions in a wonderful space, the Sant Diego convent in Alaior, which was given to us for the occasion byAlaior city Hall to whom we are very grateful.

We look forward to the start of the next school year, when these magnificent music and education professionals begin their journey with us in the fascinating world of Music Education.

Infinite thanks!