The Serclet project

The way boys and girls access to learning music theory is often far away from their nature. Music, as an artistic language, and therefore sensorial, is presented in an abstract way. This approach often causes frustration, demotivation, and abandonment.

There is nothing more rewarding for a teacher than to see a child focused on his homework, flowing with his work, happy with his achievements, accompanying the child and observing his progress. The teacher empathizes and feels fulfilled with their work. He changes his conventional classroom for a space for manipulation and experimentation.

Music is a universal language that connects directly with emotions.It is essential in neuronal development and therefore has to be accessible to everyone..

I'm Àngels, promoter of the project. As a result of my dedication to music, and from a fieldwork in music education, I offer resources and materials to collaborate with the teacher in the beautiful process of music teaching. I listen to you, and if you want I can advise you based on my experience in music education..