The method of learning music

What is the best method for boys and girls to get excited about learning music?

The SERCLET musical education method is based on the natural process of acquiring the elements of music by impregnation, as one learns the mother tongue.

1. Auditory sensoriality

Musicians must develop our listening ability to the maximum level, refining our ear to the maximum. At SERCLET we help boys and girls to develop their ability to listen, to pay attention, to know how to be silent in a motivating way and according to their age, and above all to be able to appreciate sound and its qualities.

2. Body movement

Music is movement. We connect the child's need for movement with activities of a motor nature that incorporate an important playful component. These activities are aimed at acquiring tempo and rhythm, as well as artistic expression and interpretation.

3. Expression of artistic emotion

With a repertoire of songs, rhymes and stories, children learn to connect and understand their emotions. Emotional expression is a key point in the field of musical art.

4. Understanding of musical science

The incorporation in the music classroom of specific material of a manipulative nature, linked to the beginning of reading and the representation of sound and music, will allow children to introduce themselves naturally, logically and according to their age, in the main aspects of musical learning.