How we work

We want the social and environmental impact of serclet to be positive, which moves us to conduct an ethical and responsible management. We join the new circular economy model with respect to the plastic of our musical figures, which is 100% recycled; We use the PLA, which is a polymer that comes from sugar cane; wood from forests governed by principles of sustainability; water-based paints and varnishes in most of our products and eco-friendly paper.

We've designed all our products in Menorca, place where most of them are made. The rest has been manufactured in national territory.

The Ministry of the Environment and Territory of the Balearic Government, through the General Directorate of Waste and Environmental Education, has granted us the authorization of non-hazardous waste management (NIMA 0700010225). According to article 47 of law 8/2019 of 19 February on waste and contaminated soils in the Balearic Islands, we are authorized to collect and dry plastics, which once dry, are crushed and used as raw material for the elaboration of our musical figures.

We have registered our materials in the general registry of intellectual property (Registration number 00/2019/2761).